Whether you’re seeking the perfect gift for a loved one, a corporate client or a personal indulgence, our hampers offer an extraordinary range of premium products, handpicked for their quality and flavour. From artisanal cheeses, charcuterie and gourmet snacks to the finest wines and delectable confections, our hampers are a celebration of taste and luxury.

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  • Bayley & Sage Picnic Hamper

    Celebrate the joys of summer with our Picnic Hamper, filled with an exquisite selection of refreshments and gourmet bites. Perfect for sunny days out in the park or a relaxing afternoon by the river.

  • Bayley & Sage Big Cheese Hamper

    A symphony of curated cheeses and fine accompaniments, epitomising Bayley & Sage’s dedication to quality, passion and provenance. Everything you need for the perfect cheese board.

  • Bayley & Sage Little Cheese Hamper

    Exceptional cheeses and gourmet accents for the true connoisseur.

  • The Bayley & Sage Hamper

    Discover the true essence of Bayley & Sage with The Bayley & Sage hamper. Packed with our most exceptional offerings from Bayley & Sage Piccalilli to Hand Carved Iberico Ham, this hamper is your passport to a world of unforgettable flavours. Perfect for gourmands and food enthusiasts looking for something truly special.

  • Bayley & Sage Deli Hamper

    Dive into a luxurious selection of artisanal cheeses, sumptuous charcuterie and hand-picked accompaniments, meticulously curated to delight your palate. The Deli hamper delivers an exquisite culinary experience, right to your doorstep, embodying our values of quality, passion and provenance.

  • Bayley & Sage Thank You Hamper

    The Thank You Hamper by Bayley & Sage is a sophisticated collection of the finest gourmet products, including the exquisite Grand Vin de Stellenbosch MCC Brut, the rich Beher Jamon Iberico Bellota, and artisan cheeses like Fourme D’Ambert AOC and Sharpham Ticklemore. Complemented by select delicacies such as Almondeli Marcona Almonds and Bayley & Sage Fig Puree, this hamper is a testament to taste and elegance, perfect for expressing gratitude in a most refined manner.

  • Bayley & Sage Thank You For Having Me Hamper

    The Thank You for Having Me Hamper by Bayley & Sage brings together an exceptional collection of premium gourmet products, from Sally Clarke’s granola and Island Hot Chocolate Powder to exclusive treats like Casa Trinacria Pistachio Cannoli and Scottish Bee Co Heather Honey. Each item is carefully selected to provide a delightful and luxurious experience, making it the perfect gift to express your appreciation to any host.

  • Bayley & Sage Chocolate Hamper

    For the chocolate lover in your life – a symphony of sweet decadence.

  • Bayley & Sage Cosy Night In Hamper

    Designed for those special cosy evenings, the Cosy Night In Hamper from Bayley & Sage features the distinguished Grand Cru Rosacker Riesling 2021 paired with a handpicked selection of artisanal delicacies. Enjoy the savoury goodness of Antequeso Manchego Curado, the unique flavours of Fruits of the Forage British Tomato & Tamarind Chutney, truffle-infused Grissini, and an array of gourmet biscuits. This hamper promises to enhance your gathering with exquisite tastes and luxury.

  • Bayley & Sage Big One Hamper

    Elevate your culinary journey with The Big One hamper. Curated with passion and provenance, this lavish hamper combines gastronomic treasures like Billecart Salmon Rose Champagne, Moliterno al Tartufo and Dom Petroff Ossetra Caviar. It’s not just a hamper—it’s a narrative of fine dining, capturing the essence of our dedication to quality and freshness.

  • Bayley & Sage Happy Birthday Hamper

    Bayley & Sage’s ‘Happy Birthday Hamper’ encapsulates the joy of gourmet indulgence. Featuring the creamy Bronchoix Camembert, spicy Cherry Tree Chilli Jam, and the sweet Bayley & Sage Quince Puree, along with a selection of fine cheeses including Ubriaco, aged Comte, and the exclusive Bayley Blue. The hamper is rounded off with Bayley & Sage Dark Chocolate Dusted Sea Salt Caramel Truffles, a Cracker Assortment for the perfect cheese pairing, and the delightfully moist Le Gateau Moelleux Orange, creating a luxurious and memorable birthday experience.

  • Bayley & Sage Big Birthday Hamper

    The ‘Big Birthday Hamper’ from Bayley & Sage is an extravagant celebration of gourmet excellence, carefully curated to make significant birthdays unforgettable. It showcases a selection of standout items such as artisan cheeses including the creamy Stinky Bishop and the rich, wine-soaked Ubriaco, alongside premium meats like the delicately flavoured Bayley & Sage Iberico ham. Gourmet accompaniments like the Fruits of Forage Herefordshire Cider and Onion Chutney and the luxurious I Grissini with Truffle elevate the tasting experience. Sweet finishes include the indulgent Le Gateau Moelleux and the zesty Maison De Florentines – Orange, all thoughtfully paired with a refreshing Bayley & Sage Sauvignon Semillon Blend. This hamper is a celebration of culinary delights, designed to bring joy and luxury to any milestone birthday.