Luxury Candles

Indulge in the art of ambiance with our curated collection of Luxury Candles. Immerse yourself in the captivating fragrances and exquisite craftsmanship of renowned brands such as The Chelsea Candle Company and Côté Bougie.

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  • Côté BougieCôté Bougie

    Handcrafted by Côté Bougie in Morocco, our large Green Tamegroute candle captures the exotic allure of Moroccan Mint Tea. Part of Bayley & Sage’s curated Abode collection, this captivating candle weaves a narrative of provenance and craftsmanship, enriching any space it graces.

  • Côté Bougie Diffuser and RefillCôté Bougie Diffuser and Refill Out of Stock

    Experience the mesmerising aroma of Moroccan Mint Tea with our handcrafted diffuser set by Côté Bougie. This set includes a Moroccan Mint Tea Diffuser and a refill, each meticulously crafted in Morocco. Uplift your senses and refresh your environment with the scent that captures the essence of oriental charm and Bayley & Sage’s commitment to quality and provenance.

  • Classical Elegance CollectionMarylebone Chelsea Candle

    Transport yourself to the posh landscapes of Belgravia, the floral richness of Chelsea and the metropolitan allure of Marylebone with our Classic Elegance Collection. Crafted by The Chelsea Candle Company, each candle in this luxurious trio embodies the unique charm of these iconic London neighbourhoods.

  • London After Dark CollectionAfter Dark Chelsea Candle Collection

    Experience the captivating allure of London after dark through our exclusive set of three London-inspired candles by The Chelsea Candle Company. From the grandiosity of Knightsbridge, the luxurious aura of Mayfair, to the creative essence of Soho, each handcrafted candle envelops you in a unique facet of London’s vibrant nightlife.

  • Victorian Elegance CollectionHampstead Chelsea Candle

    Transport yourself to the iconic London neighbourhoods of Mayfair, Hampstead and Marylebone with our exclusive set of three handcrafted candles by The Chelsea Candle Company. Immerse your senses in the distinct fragrances of Dark Opium, Black Oak and Citrus & Basil, each designed to evoke the unique character and heritage of these beloved areas.