The Big Bubbles One


Introducing The Big Bubbles One, a curated set of exquisite sparkling wines that brings the effervescence of world-class vineyards right to your table. From the rich notes of Gardet Brut to the luxurious taste of Billecart Salmon Reserve and the British allure of Wiston Estate Cuvee Brut—each bottle is a toast to quality, freshness and provenance.


Sip your way through elegance, celebrating the zest of life with our curated selection of premium sparkling wines...

What's Inside The Big Bubbles One?

What's Inside The Big Bubbles One?

Gardet Brut Champagne 75cl x 2

Billecart Salmon Reserve Champagne 75cl x 2

Wiston Estate Cuvee Brut 75cl


*Please be aware that owing to the seasons and our commitment to offering only the best produce, there may be times when certain items in our wine boxes are unavailable. Rest assured, our team will handpick a splendid alternative that aligns with Bayley & Sage’s ethos of quality, freshness and provenance. We are committed to ensuring an excellent experience.

Elevate your moments, big or small, with The Big Bubbles One.

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Gardet Brut Champagne 75cl

A tapestry of warm, sun-kissed yellow fruits weaves through this offering, tantalising the senses with their ripened sweetness and inviting depth. As you embark on this sensory journey, the finish is a harmonious interplay of freshness and persistence, gracefully extending its presence. Within this delicate complexity, nuances of flavour and texture dance in unison, leaving an enduring impression that lingers, inviting contemplation and enjoyment.


Billecart Salmon Reserve Champagne

This pale pink champagne features subtle golden flecks when catching the light and maintains a consistent effervescence. On the nose, it reveals red fruit aromas with hints of citrus. The palate offers a balanced acidity with delicate notes of strawberries and raspberries transitioning into a brioche mid-palate. The finish leaves a subtle touch of spice, echoing the red berry and citrus theme. It’s no wonder this rosé is so highly regarded.


Wiston Estate Cuvee Brut 75cl

Invigorating and elegant, reminiscent of an English orchard in full bloom, this wine exudes the essence of fruit and freshness. It strikes a delicate equilibrium between the toasty opulence gained from aging in French Oak barrels, reminiscent of Burgundy and the vibrant interplay of racy acidity, inherent tension and a distinct undercurrent of chalky minerality.

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