Introducing Bayley & Sage Smoked Salmon

13 December 2023

We are incredibly proud to introduce you to the latest member of our Bayley & Sage range, smoked salmon. We only put our ampersand on products that we are truly passionate about, and we’re excited for you to try our new favourite salmon.

Our London Smoked Salmon is produced according to traditional East End London methods, made with high-welfare salmon. Each fish is hand-filleted, salted and oak-smoked at Secret Smokehouse. The salmon has a lightness with a subtly smoky quality, and a melt-in-your-mouth consistency. A celebrated part of London culinary history and our favourite salmon.

Our managing director, Terry, who originally sourced this delicious salmon, said it all started with an e-mail sent to us on 8 March 2018. “We receive dozens of cold calls, e-mails each day from suppliers requesting us to list their products, but the e-mail from Max caught my attention. It somehow felt honest and genuine and so I picked up the phone, gave him a call and went to see him in the smallest of units in London Fields where he and his team of ‘one’ were both delighted and surprised that I kept our meeting. Max’s smoked salmon is still the best smoked salmon I have ever tasted even to this day, almost six years on. You can tell that Max’s passion behind producing his product is still there from his smoking techniques to hand pinning and slicing to produce the most wonderful taste and texture. Max still won’t tell me the secret to his smoking technique…”

You can now find our smoked salmon in all Bayley & Sage stores! We hope you’ll love it as much as we do.

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