The Bordeaux One


The Bordeaux One is a curated selection of classic Bordeaux wines, offering a diverse yet harmonious journey through one of the world’s most esteemed wine regions. From the robust notes of Chateau Lafitte to the subtle elegance of Chateau Tuilerie Du Puy, experience a symphony of flavours brought to you by Bayley & Sage.


Sip the essence of Bordeaux, captured in every bottle.

What's Inside The Bordeaux One?

What's Inside The Bordeaux One?

Chateau Lafitte 75 cl x 2

Chateau Panet 75cl x 2

Chateau Tuilerie Du Puy Bordeaux 75cl x 2


*Please be aware that owing to the seasons and our commitment to offering only the best produce, there may be times when certain items in our wine boxes are unavailable. Rest assured, our team will handpick a splendid alternative that aligns with Bayley & Sage’s ethos of quality, freshness and provenance. We are committed to ensuring an excellent experience.

Elevate your dining experience with wines that tell a tale of terroir, craftsmanship and heritage.

Additional Information

Chateau Lafitte 75 cl

Cloaked in a rich and profound shade of purple-black, the Lafitte encapsulates a heart of baked plums and stewed cherries, accompanied by hints of dried Mediterranean herbs, earthy nuances and a touch of tar. The palate, boasting a medium-to-full body, unfolds with a bounty of luscious black fruits. Its velvety texture makes it highly approachable, while the conclusion is a harmonious blend of savoury notes, adding to the wine’s overall allure.

Chateau Panet 75cl

Château Panet stands out as a wine of exceptional elegance, characterised by its exquisite subtlety, a delightful aroma of red berries and discreet hints of spiciness.

Chateau Tuilerie Du Puy Bordeaux 75cl

Rich and profound, revealing dark fruit aromas complemented by a velvety touch of spice. The palate showcases robust flavours of blackcurrant, plum and cherry, accompanied by a velvety texture and an enduring, lingering finish.


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