The Burgundy One


Introducing The Burgundy One an exquisite selection of wines handpicked for the true connoisseur. The set includes 3 bottles each of Domaine Bertrand Ambroise Cote d’Or and Saint Veran Clos de Chateau—each one a testament to the rich, sensuous and complex character that Burgundy wines are celebrated for. Elevate your cellar and your senses.


Unveil the soul of Burgundy, captured in every bottle.

What's Inside The Burgundy One?

What's Inside The Burgundy One?

Domaine Bertrand Ambroise Cote d’Or 75cl x 3

Saint Veran Clos de Chateau 75cl x 3


*Please be aware that owing to the seasons and our commitment to offering only the best produce, there may be times when certain items in our wine boxes are unavailable. Rest assured, our team will handpick a splendid alternative that aligns with Bayley & Sage’s ethos of quality, freshness and provenance. We are committed to ensuring an excellent experience.

Transform your evenings into a Burgundian feast, where old-world charm meets contemporary sophistication.

Additional Information

Domaine Bertrand Ambroise Cote d’Or 75cl

Emanating a lively, striking purple at first glance, gradually transitioning to a soft crimson along the rim. The aroma is an intriguing fusion of fresh summer red fruits, notably redcurrants and raspberries, accompanied by subtle earthy undertones and vanilla notes resulting from aging in well-seasoned oak barrels.

Upon sipping, you’ll experience a remarkable freshness and vibrancy, with the predominant flavours echoing those of summer fruits. The finish is harmonious, leaving a lasting impression of equilibrium and intricate complexity.

Saint Veran Clos de Chateau 75cl

In the glass, it boasts a brilliant and pristine green-gold hue. The nose is a refreshing invitation, offering delicate notes of vanilla, zesty lime citrus, crisp apples and a subtle suggestion of mildly exotic fruits.

On the palate, it unfolds as round and invigorating, showcasing a delightful interplay of fruitiness, crispness and ripeness. Its mineral undertones add depth, while a solid structure emerges gracefully, culminating in a satisfying finish.

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