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Classic Elegance Collection


Transport yourself to the posh landscapes of Belgravia, the floral richness of Chelsea and the metropolitan allure of Marylebone with our Classic Elegance Collection. Crafted by The Chelsea Candle Company, each candle in this luxurious trio embodies the unique charm of these iconic London neighbourhoods.

Indulge in London's distinctive elegance, one flame at a time.

What's Inside Classic Elegance Collection?

What's Inside Classic Elegance Collection?

The Belgravia – 7oz/198g

As the candle burns, it unfurls a complex array of scents, each perfectly harmonised. From the base notes of vanilla and dark chocolate to the subtle undertones of vetiver and sandalwood, every element is designed to turn your home into a sanctuary of elegance.

The Chelsea – 7oz/198g

Designed to mirror the elegance and botanical luxury of Chelsea’s famous flower show, The Chelsea Candle is more than just an aroma; it’s an experience. Immerse yourself in the complex yet harmonious blend of Rose Geranium, Oud and Mimosa.

The Marylebone – 7oz/198g

Imagine walking through a Sicilian orchard, the sun shining above and a breeze carrying scents that tantalise the senses. That’s the experience we offer with a heady blend of neroli, Italian bergamot and of course, the incomparable Sicilian lemon, all underscored by the earthy basil and anise.

Turn your home into a sanctuary of London's opulence and sophistication with each flicker.

Additional Information


Matte finish glass vessel that is ideal for reuse or recycling. Dimensions: H: 9cm, W: 8.5cm.

Vegan and Allergy-Friendly

Nut-free, gluten-free, and paraben-free

Biodegradable Labels

Stylish matt black & white labels that are vegan and biodegradable.

IFRA and RIFM Compliant

Meeting all safety and ethical standards.

  • 2-3 working days delivery at £7.50

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